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What is Health & Social Impact? It's a lot of things.  It's an effort to solve complex social problems and create public value in the process. It's the activity of any sustained venture — a business, a non-profit, a government, a university — that has a positive effect on the world or well being of a community. 

According to the Center for Social Impact, an increasing number of consumers seek out products that have a positive impact on the world in some capacity. In fact, 90% of Millennials say they will switch to a cause-branded product when choosing between two brands of equal quality and price, and 51% of global consumers will pay extra for products and services committed to positive social and environmental impact.

54 hours of entrepreneurship! Startup Weekend is where it all comes together. It's an immersive weekend-long event in which entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and marketers/business leaders gather, pitch an idea, join a team, and spend the entire weekend designing the next great venture.

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