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2019 Coaches & Judges

Startup Weekend Charleston

in memory of Jim Adamczyk - coach & sponsor

2019 Judges

2019 Judges

John Osborne.jpeg

John Osborne

John is the co-founder of The Harbor Entrepreneur Center, Managing Partner of Good Growth Capital, a local venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology companies. 

Michael Rentz.jpeg

Michael Rentz

Michael identifies value and helps bring it to the world by working with founders of early stage startup companies. He is in the process of standing up a Global Accelerator program that will relocate 30 startups from all over the world to Charleston.

Scott Dahlgren.jpeg

Scott Dahlgren

Scott has years of senior leadership experience helping international technology companies grow in North America and worldwide. He is a member of the Charleston Angel Partners Network.


Stacey Segal

Stacey was the founder of First2Board Travel Blog and after selling it, joined the leadership of BrightVine Solutions.  She is a mentor at the Harbor Entrepreneur Center. 

2019 Coaches

2019 Coaches & Speakers

landon sanford.jpeg

Landon Sanford


Landon is an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Rayka, a travel app that he hopes will disrupt the 1-5 star review rating system that most travelers are used to.

Bryan Heckman


Brian is an Assistant Professor at the Medical University of South Carolina, CEO of a digital healthcare company, and Founder/Director of the Tobacco Control Innovations Foundation

leslie miller.jpeg

Leslie Miller


Leslie is the President of a boutique insurance consulting firm and specializes in employee benefits. Founded in 2013, Leslie leads a talented cast of subject matter experts.

Scott Burrill.jpeg

Josh Burrill


Josh is the VP of Sales and Business Development for Go Interactive, a company rethinking the future of IT Talent Acquisition. 

jenny glasgow.jpeg

Jenny Glasgow


Jenny is a partner and COO of ProjectWorks Cost Projections where they help attorneys understand the full scope future of medial damages.

Sergey Taranov


Sergey is the founder and CEO of Go Interactive. He has built and exited several successful businesses as well as founding an English Language school in the Ukraine.

Sam Staley.jpg

Sam Staley


Sam is the co-founder of Bidr, an online event management platform and Code + Trust. He is a Mentor at The Harbor Entrepreneur Center as well.

Jeremy Stipkala.jpeg

Jeremy Stipkala


Jeremy is a Patent Attorney at Thrive IP.